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MLPC Hawai'i Advocacy featured in Civil Beat!

After years of advocacy around I-94 access, including the last February 2022 advocacy letter, CBP has sent MLP a letter stating that they will keep I-94s on the website indefinitely for citizens of COFA countries (as well as for other individuals who are admitted for "duration of status," meaning the I-94 does not have an expiration date). This means that for those who entered after April 2013, the I-94 will ALWAYS be online at the CBP website: The CBP also letter said that they make changes over the summer to allow access to all I-94 documents electronically, regardless of entry date.

MLP's advocacy around this issue and the resulting changes were featured in Civil Beat.

This was also an incredible show of force: in total, 244 individuals, representing 42 organizations or themselves, signed the letter! Congratulations!

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