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Welcome to the Medical-Legal Partnership for Children In Hawaii (MLPC) media room, a place to showcase all media coverage, advocacy letters, and other happenings. In addition to being practicing Attorneys, we also provide legal commentary, speak at public engagements and events, and contribute advice to critical judicial issues, some of which is accessible in the articles, letters, and features below.


Hawaii Lawmakers Mull Mediation To Prevent Mass Evictions After Moratorium Lifted

A bill would require landlords to enter mediation upon a tenant’s request, but some advocates say the measure doesn’t do enough to protect renters at risk of eviction. MLPC attorneys provide their insight and feedback on this matter and other related issues.

Ige’s Eviction Moratorium Doesn’t Do What He Says It Does

Hawaii renters and landlords alike are frustrated by the governor’s confusing rule. MLPC attorneys talk with Civil Beat about what must be done to improve the current situation.

Agency Says Women Harassed, Threatened With Eviction

The Hawai‘i State Department of Human Services Commission on the Status of Women and MLP Attorney Deja Ostrowski provide commentary on the current eviction landscape and give proactive recommendations to law enforcement and government officials on how to best curtail these illegal practices.

Extended Moratorium On Evictions Provides Renter Relief, But Lacks Enforcement

MLPCH Director Dina Shek speaks with local media outlet KITV4 with regard to moratorium on evictions and the need for heightened enforcement procedures against landlords who opt to defy said provisions.

Statement Calling for End to Sweeps of Houseless Families

We stand with over 70 organizations, individuals, and officials in this statement calling for a halt to sweeps of the houseless families during this ongoing pandemic.

Tenant Advocates Raise Concerns Over Violation of Eviction Moratorium

Big Island Now covers our press conference on illegal evictions.

The Latest: 173 New Cases; Mayor Warns Of 'Drastic' Actions If Trend Continues

Hawaii Public Radio includes our press conference on illegal evictions as part of their latest coverage of COVID-19 in our state.

Hawaii’s Eviction Moratorium Isn’t Saving These Tenants

We held a press conference on illegal evictions with our partners, the Marshallese Community Organization of Hawaii, Lawyers for Equal Justice, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and Legal Aid Society of Hawaii. Civil Beat covers the issues raised.

Level The Playing Field Between Tenants And Landlords

We wrote an op-ed in the Civil Beat, with the Marshallese Community Organization of Hawaii, on the need for bold action on housing issues in our state due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Hawaii’s Invaluable Immigrants Need State Aid, Funding Now

For the first day of the state legislative session, we wrote an op-ed in the Star-Advertiser, with Pacific Gateway and The Legal Clinic, to advocate for funding for direct assistance and increased language access for excluded immigrants.

Recommendations on Eviction Prevention and Preservation of the Rental Market During the Pandemic

We endorse this renter's relief statement and ask our leaders to consider these options to prevent or mitigate a housing crisis.

Solidarity Letter from the Immigrant Justice Movement

We are proud to sign this Black Lives Matter Solidarity Letter from the Immigrant Justice Movement.

Reshaping Hawaii’s Economy For A Post-Pandemic World

We are excited about the work of the Hawaii Strategy Lab, co-founded by one of our attorneys. The Civil Beat highlights their project and the need for all our stories to be heard at this time.

Immigrants And Others Struggle Applying For Hawaii Jobless Benefits

Immigrants continue to struggle with the state's Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. We discuss with the Civil Beat.

Hawaii Updates Unemployment Application To Include Pacific Migrants

We talk to the Civil Beat about fixes in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) application system and remaining concerns.

Hawaii’s New Unemployment Application Excludes Micronesian Migrant Workers

We talk to the Civil Beat about Hawaii's new Unemployment Insurance (UI) application system and how it excludes those here through COFA.

Include Immigrants In Fight Against Coronavirus

In this op-ed in the Civil Beat, written with The Legal Clinic, we explain the extra vulnerabilities faced by our immigrant 'ohana and that we must include immigrants in relief efforts.