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MLP Alerts

Our office has been diligently working on providing commentary on various legal issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. All community providers and partners are encouraged to refer to these materials when dealing with patient/client needs. Our office remains available to answer any questions or provide clarification on these updates as the situation develops.

Scroll down for Infographics with more legal information.

MLPC Alerts: List

Guide to the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for COFA Immigrants

This guide to the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card  includes key information as it relates to COFA immigrants and a sample application with our notes on how to fill it out.

What You Need To Know As A Tenant

The CDC eviction moratorium was overturned on 8/26/21. Learn about the current options that are now available to you as a renter including mediation and rent relief options.

Updated Stimulus Payments

Do you still have questions about obtaining the most recent round of stimulus payments? If so please feel free to refer to this comprehensive guide that details the steps needed to be completed in order to receive the most recent round of payments. Also as with any other tax related issue, it is always best to consult with a certified accountant in order to understand any tax implications or consequences that may arise.

Having Trouble Signing Into Unemployment?

This alert, in the shape of a bookmark, explains how you can get access to your account again.

What to Do If You are the Victim of Pandemic Unemployment Fraud (with Template)

Have you received a letter regarding a claim for PUA and you did NOT apply for benefits? This Alert explains what steps you can take and includes a template.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get My Immigrant Visa?

I've Applied for a Green Card. Now I Need to Wait Until a Visa is Available.

How to Check the Status of an Immigration Application

And What to Do if It Is Taking Too Long

Unemployment Benefits

Please find attached our new MLP Alert for Unemployment Insurance benefits, specifically focusing on access for COFA migrants. We hope the short infographic and the longer FAQ will help advocates and clients to access Unemployment benefits caused by the COVID-19 restrictions.

There are two ways to access Unemployment applications, and MLP recommends that applicants with COFA status start here:

All others (U.S. citizens and non-citizens with Alien Reg. Numbers) can start here:

SNAP/Pub. Benefits & COVID-19

Attached please find materials related to COVID-19 Public Benefits & SNAP Issues. These materials include step-by-step walk throughs of the application and update process along with a comprehensive FAQs section detailing specific questions surrounding these circumstances.

Public Charge & COVID-19

The government announced they will NOT consider testing, treatment, or preventative care (including future vaccines) related to COVID-19 as part of the "Public Charge Rule," even if it is paid for by "public benefits," like Medicaid. If you know individuals who are worried, please know that they can seek COVID-19-related services without any fear for their immigration status.

Notice of Changed Financial Circumstances & Request for Immediate Rent Adjustment Form

Attached please find a template notice of changed circumstances for rent adjustments related to COVID-19 income changes for tenants who reside in public housing units. Please distribute them to your clients if they are experiencing this situation and have them complete it to the best of their ability. We encourage the tenant to keep one copy of the completed form and submit one copy to their landlord by a reliable means of delivery (fax, certified mail, etc.) The main purpose of this form is to provide notice to landlords that a household is experiencing income changes in order to adjust rent in a timely manner.

These resources are not to be construed as legal advice, but rather are intended for educational and outreach purposes. The Medical-Legal Partnership for Children In Hawaii does not intend to create an attorney client relationship by creating and/or providing these resources to the public. Please seek an independent attorney if you have specific legal questions.


Informative Diagrams and Charts Regarding Various Legal Issues

ACT 310.png
Act-310- State Flyer.png
Infographic CBP Website keeps I-94s for COFA Status Forever.png
Ways to Get Your I-94 UPDATED.png
Suggested Practices
COVID-19 Worker's Info
Apply for DHS Benefits
New SNAP Rules
UI Benefits How-To
COFA & Unemployment
Care without Fear Chuukese.png
Consumer Fraud Infographic.png
Care without fear Marshallese.png
Care without Fear Eng.png
Ways to Get Your I-94 UPDATED Marshallese.png
Chuukese Ways to Get Your I-94 UPDATED.png
MLPC Alerts: Gallery
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