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MLPCH Hires New Intake/Community Interpreter Philios Uruman

MLPCH is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Philios Uruman who will be providing assistance in the client intake process as well as Chukese interpreting services for client interviews. Mr. Uruman is an esteemed community advocate who participates in many other local Pacific Islander community advocacy projects. In addition to working for MLPCH, Philios also works as a professional interpreter, contact tracer for the Dept. of Health, and he serves on the board of the Micronesian Health Advisory Coalition.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, MLPCH attorneys have continued to meet with clients via remote capabilities such as phone and teleconferencing methods. As such, the need to meet high volume language access demands provided the opportunity to add Mr. Uruman to the staff team. MLPCH remains committed to implementing innovative techniques in order to better serve our clients and community population.

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